Collaborate on the same vector tile basemap

02-03-2022 09:38 AM
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Is there a way for two people to collaborate on the same vector basemap? It seems like even if it is saved within a group, there is still no way for someone else to edit - would a Shared Update group work?

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@GlennIngram We are able to confirm this workflow to have members of the same Organization edit the same style:

- create a group or use an existing group, add all the members that you want to access the style

- create a new style or edit an existing style. In My Content -> Layers -> Tile Layers, select the style you want shared.

- Click the Share button, on the Share modal, select Edit Group Sharing button, and share the item with your group

- In order for other members of the group to see this item, the can refer to it by its ItemID, or each member can go to Content -> My Groups, then select the group, and the Tile Layer should appear.

- You can load the tile layer in the Map Viewer Classic, and then the style editor icon will appear in the legend

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The user must have the Publisher role or greater for this to work.

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