Widget Trace on Utility Network not draw starting point or barriers on on lines

03-27-2023 02:18 AM
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Hi everyone,

 I currently have a telecom utility network service Built with ARCGIS PRO 2.9.5 - UNTOOLS 2.9.4) and published to ArcGIS Enterprise (10.91).

I have created a web map with the Utility network service and I have enabled the trace configuration as seen in the images.






se uso queta web map nel sample code che utilizza in trace:


i have the following problem:

if I want to insert a starting point or a barrier on a linear element of the UN the widget does not insert any point





while if I do it on a punctual element the widget inserts it



 I inserted the web map with the UN both on a javascript code with api 4.26 and on the experience builder web app but I still have this problem (the starting points and the berriene are not inserted on the linear elements of the UN service).

What can it depend on?

what could be the problem?

Thank you

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Can you post a screenshot of your webmap?  How are the lines listed in there?  Did you duplicate them or change them at all?

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Hi Mike

This is my web map





RIFON_UN_TELCO is Group Layer that contain the Utility netrok’ feature class





these are the communication lines



these are the layers i have inside the web map




however I did several tests with different web maps where I eliminated all the layers with were not part of the UN , I also removed the UN feature classes from the group layer but I still have the same problem.

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Thanks for sharing this @FrancescoFanelli1 ! At first glance, we cannot identify the source of the issue. Would you be open to setting up a meeting with a screen share so we can take a closer look at your utility network service and the web map? You can reach out to me directly at avezina@esri.com. Thank you!

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@AlixVezina The map looks good to me, you have any thoughts?

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