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Unable to use the new snap chip

a month ago
Occasional Contributor III


after installing Pro 3.3, I can't see the new snap chip when drawing.

I followed documentation here :

I am using a UN feature service, from Entreprise v.11.3, UN v.7


Snap chip option is enabled, but no chip is shown when snapping a feature with terminals :

PierreloupDucroix_0-1719270568005.png PierreloupDucroix_1-1719270635029.png

Any advice ?

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I am having the same issue. What is odd is the snap chip is working for some of the terminal devices, but not all of them. In my Water UN for example it isn't working for System Meters, but is working when snapping to Flow Valves. I tried a new Pro project and map and still no luck.

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