Migration from Geometric to Utility network requirements

01-27-2023 10:55 AM
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folks, I want to know the software requirements for migrating Geometric Network to Utility Network, It seems that I have to purchase data interoperability extension with additional (ArcPro & UN user type).

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For data migration you can use Data Interoperability, which gives more capabilities for manipulating geometry or you can use the Solutions Data Loading Tools  Data Loading Tools | ArcGIS Solutions

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I would say, that the answer to this depends very much on the maturity of the existing ArcGIS geometric network data. 

If it is simpler grid representation with simpler business process support, then simpler migration tools / objectives may be used. 

If on the other hand the source represents a true digital twin supporting advanced business processes, then you should aim for something with more capabilities hence delivering immediate business value generation upon migrated data.

Allow me to refer to a post on what I mean when speaking of digital twin:

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