Best way to build a combined stormwater & sewer network?

01-30-2023 12:46 AM
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Hi all,

I am trying to determine the best way to set up a combined sewer + stormwater network, as they are not designed separately in my area. Could you help be with some conceptual aspects, please?

  1. My idea is to start from a sewer network and to add a tier specifically for stormwater drainage, as I need these two networks to be connected in the topology. Do you think it is a good way to start or is there a smarter way?
  2. I wanted to start from the ArcGIS Solutions Asset packages for sewer network and stormwater network. But after I applied both asset packages one after the other to my network, there were two sets of feature classes created (e.g. SewerDevice and StormwaterDevice). I’d like the two asset packages to be applied to a single domain. Is it possible to combine the two packages into one, instead of creating two separate domain networks?
  3. I noticed that the sewer solution is defined as hierarchical and the stormwater solution as partitioned. Why is that so? I don’t quite grasp why there is a distinction in the first place, but I would have expected, at least, that these two should be of the same type. What is the purpose of this distinction between hierarchical and partitioned networks?

Thanks in advance for your input.

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1:  I am not sure the best way.  Two Domain Networks vs a Different Tier Group/Tier. It is an area we are evaluating for a future model, to create a complete combined model.  Our current thought is that it will be a sewer model with the stormwater features in the same domain network, not two domain networks.  We have not worked though this yet though.  

2:  You can change the asset package to do this. 

  • First, apply the Sewer Asset Package.  You will need a Hierarchical Domain Network
  • All the following steps are done to the Stormwater Asset Package
  • Next Open the Stormwater Asset Package and Change the AP_Domain_Networks.  Code 1's description needs to Sewer
  • In the Utility Network Feature Dataset, change the prefix of the classes from Stormwater to Sewer(StormwaterDevice -> SewerDevice
  • Open the A_DomainNetwork table and change the domain network to Heriarchical
  • Open B_TierGroup and add a Stormwater Tier group
  • Open the B_Tier Table and set that tier group name in the Tier Group Name for all the rows.  Stormwater by default only has one.
  • *Edit - Forget this step - Set the Subnetwork Field Name - Such as StormwaterSubnetwork, for each row. 
  • *Edit - If you added any tiers, if they are in order of 1,2,3, that means they are in a hierarchy.  If you want them partitioned like, set them all to 1
  • There still might be conflicts, as I have not tested combining the, but the above process can get you started

3:  As a standalone UN, partitioned made sense for a stormwater network.  I honestly do not remember the exact reasoning, as it was a few years ago.  You can model most things from a partitioned in an hierarchical, so stormwater could be easily converted to a hierarchical(steps above).  

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Thank you very much, Mike!
I will test the steps for the 2 asset packages asap 🙂

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