Trace through adjacent subnetworks in Target tier for Upstream and Downstream trace

11-23-2021 03:34 AM
Status: Open
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We suggest to add an option to trace through adjacent target tier subnetworks. As an example the current trace from Medium Voltage Network to Low Voltage Network will terminate at the end of the first Low Voltage Subnetwork even if there is an adjacent Low Voltage Subnetwork further downstream.

We would like to have the possibility to trace to the end of all adjacent subnetworks within the target tier.


Absolutely, we have a need for this one as well. To give an example, a part of the network in a Zone Substation is from HV busbars and equipment to HV->MV Transformer, then MV transformers to busbars and other MV equipment and then MV Feeder Circuit Breakers. Both HV->MV transformer and MV Feeder Circuit Breakers are Subnetwork Controllers for MV tier. But a downstream trace from HV to MV stops at MV Feeder Circuit Breakers because network downstream is not same SubnetworkName as network downstream of HV->LV Transformer even though they all are MV tier subnetworks. An option to "Trace Cascaded Tiers" will be good.

We have circumvented this shortfall by introducing a dummy lower ranked tier called LV but with no real subnetworks. And we trace from HV to LV so that all cascaded MVs are traced in a Downstream Trace. 


Hi @MalteSørensen
Absolutely you are right. My observation is, until pro 2.6.3 the UtilityNetwork was working as your suggestion. I mean that, when you want to start the trace from tier 1 to last one (in pro 2.6 UN4) it was tracing the source point to all the endpoints like service points of LV networks as you mentioned.
But after pro 2.6 , like 2.7-2.8-2.7 versions, this is impossible to make even you try @VishApte's suggestion. Because I tried his suggestion and so many things. If you are using one of these versions, and if you start the trace from the tier one to last one (assume 5), it traces the primary circuit and stops in the first subnetwork controllers. whereas it should trace the primary,secondary.. until to the last circuits if they have energized.
I think the esri team must consider this requirement.
why the major downstream method  changed ? after from pro 2.6 ? I am wondering