Use ArcGIS Urban to show Options to add 10%-40% Population to Existing Cities/Communities

07-06-2019 10:24 PM
Status: Open
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Existing mature communities/neighbourhoods in cities are being densified. Use ArcGIS Urban to show replacement of old apartments new apartments/condos, adding 1-2 bedroom suites to single family houses, adding mixed use buildings. Use Urban to show: impact of change on population target, jobs, housing units, off street parking, on street parking, trees, transit:
1. Set rules that convert a percentage of older apartments/buildings by age of building.

2. Set rules that allow attached secondary suites or garden suites based on size of property and offsets

3. Check view line impacts on various apartment/condo heights (Cityengine and terrain, can show impact on hillsides

4. Show impact of off-street paved parking on single family homes green-space (lawn, trees)

5. Show impact of on-street parking based on width of streets (side street are narrow, etc.)

6. Show impact of adding low-income / affordable student housing on campus (high rise, town house, cafeterias, parking impacts)

7. Show impact of mixed use high-rise on main corridors

8. Allow community (residents, businesses, developers, investors, councils) to see impact of various options

9. Identify buildings by age including those without sprinkler systems

10. Show existing apartments population and impact of replacing with updated or new buildings

11. Show staging of groups of buildings to allow population growth without renoviction

12. Show impact on trees if density added to rural areas. - estimate climate models 


Any interest in this approach?  

Is anyone doing similar?


Is anyone using #arcgisurban to review alternatives for updating communities with aging apartment buildings?



I am looking for a model on urban development that fits communitites of disparities who need investment and services that have been long over looked. I am looking for a model that will share profits with young people who are working in all areas of development and progress. 

Target age: 18-28, technology driven hubs that will gather data and match it with services that are needed. (closing gaps)

Workforce development for transitional students leaving High School to hands on careers that are needed in the communities. I want to be a force that will create an avenue for young people to be able to have a skill as they leave high school to secure a well paying job before they set their sights on getting into the traditional school loan debt programs. This will pave the way for a more sustainable future. 

Today many of the 18-28 yr olds have so many fractures and issues that create oppurtunitites of self distruction a more comforting road to follow.