Tracker has excessive battery usage

06-16-2021 07:57 AM
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The App uses excessive battery life when active. My battery went from 72% to 32% in 20 minutes of use. The app drops a point almost every 5 seconds, or it looks like every 20 ft. Is there a way to change this collection distance or time? I tired changing the streaming settings but that only slows the upload speed to the cloud. This level of detail is not needed for our processes. We are using IOS and Android phones and it is similar battery consumption.

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Here is what I found in Esri FAQ/Documentation for Tracker.

Will the Tracker mobile app drain my device's battery? 

Optimize battery life 

Tracker supports collecting tracks in both the foreground and the background. It is optimized to efficiently collect points and has little impact on battery life.

To optimize the battery life of your mobile device, do the following:

  • iOS devices—in the location services setting for Tracker, set allow location access to Always.
  • Android devices—in the location settings of your device, set location accuracy to Best or High accuracy.
    • Samsung Galaxy devices—set the power savings mode to High performance.

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