How to enable users to access their tracks within AGOL/Enterprise

11-30-2021 03:28 AM
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I have a user who has been using the tracker capability in Field Maps but the only way they can view their tracks is if I as an Admin set a track view up. Should a user be able to access their tracks in AGOL as a layer in their content. When I created a some tracks a folder was automatically created when I uploaded the tracks but this didn't happen for the other user. Where were there tracks stored when they were uploaded?

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@LouiseHarris1all tracks are stored into a single location tracking feature service. Any user can view their own tracks if that layer is added to a map. Track views are only necessary to view other users tracks.  If you want to specifically find the location tracking service you can use this search term when searching organization content:


typekeywords: "Location Tracking Service" NOT typekeywords: "Location Tracking View"



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