Sneak Peek: Survey123 for ArcGIS and Spike® integration

11-01-2017 11:50 AM
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NOTE: This functionality was released on February 27 with version 2.6.9


We are happy to announce that Esri and IkeGPS are streamlining how Spike devices and Survey123 work together.Spike


What is Spike? Spike is a smart laser measurement solution for all kinds of industries and professional use that allows you to capture measurements and location of an object – all from a photo. From that photo you can capture real time measurements including height, width, area, length and target location.


Spike works with both Apple iOS and Google Android devices, and attaches to a smartphone with a quick-release clamp or to a tablet case with high-strength bonding tape. The Spike device pairs with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Spike’s laser rangefinder works together with your smartphone or tablet’s camera, GPS and compass.


How do Spike and Survey123 work together? Watch them in action in the video!


How do I create a Survey123 smart form that integrates with my Spike device? Download the released version of the Survey123 for ArcGIS field app for iOS (Android is available in Beta in the Google Play store). Then follow these steps:


  1. Open Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS version 2.5 (or newer)
  2. Login
  3. Click on Create New Survey and go to Samples
  4. Select the Spike sample, create the Survey and publish it
  5. Use the survey in your phone with your Spike device to familiarize yourself with the functionality
  6. Go  back into your XLSForm and change as appropriate


Basic tips when using Spike:


  • Download the Spike application from the store  and use it first to ensure that Spike is properly working. Make sure the Bluetooth  connection is working and that you can successfully make measurements using the Spike app alone.
  • Ensure that Survey123 ha permissions to access your photo gallery in the device. You can do this by simply launching a survey with an image question and making sure you can capture a photo using the Survey123 camera.
  • Once you have tested the Spike app and Survey123 camera on its own, test your Spike survey!
  • To measure distances to remove objects, ensure that you capture the photo with Spike having the camera's bulleye pointing directly at the object of interest.
  • If measuring areas or lengths on remote objects:
    • The laser has to hit the surface you plan to measure on.
    • You need to carefully define the alignment of the plane you will measure on or otherwise the measurements will be off.
    • You can only measure  accurately on the plane that the laser hit and for which you did the alignment.
  • For more info, check the Tips for Troubleshooting Measurement Accuracy issues from the ikeGPS website


Known issue: In some iOS11 devices we have observed that the Spike application shows an spinning icon when trying to return to Survey123. You can workaround this problem by going into the Settings of your iPhone/iPad, tapping on the Photos app and disabling all the settings (iCloud Photo Sharing, Summarize Photos) and set the Transfer to Mac or PC to 'Keep Originals'.  We are working towards resolving this issue.


What are the plans for release? We are aiming for February 27, 2018.


NOTE: This functionality was released on February 27 with version 2.6.9

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