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WebHook survey123 runs GP service

3 weeks ago
New Contributor III

I'm creating a survey with a webhook that sends a body with the added feature to a gp service endpoint.

The problem is that the webhook correctly sends the body 
"eventType": "addData",
"feature": {
"attributes": {various attributes}}}

but the published Gp tool seems to not recognize the parameter (I have published a gp tool with 1 parameter called "faeture")

Can someone help me?

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Esri Regular Contributor

I don't think this will work. The sending webhook from Survey123 would need to send the webhook as a form-body. 

Meaning, the incoming webhook body would look like:

payload = {
    "eventType": "addData",
    "feature": {
    "attributes": {various attributes}

Without the body parameter, the GP Service does not have a way to capture the payload and use it.

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