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Visibility from multiple choice question

06-11-2024 02:58 PM
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Hello! I apologize in advance, I am a beginner but I have been looking for a solution and have not been able to find one.

I'm designing a survey that will go out to the community, but have a question that is asking people to check if they are teachers, parents, or school administrators (or all three). The form populates questions specifically for teachers and I set the visibility rules to reflect that subsequent questions should be visible if they check the teachers box.

However, since some respondents may be parents and teachers, if both boxes are checked, the teacher specific questions do not populate. I am curious if it is possible to set it so that if teacher is ever checked those questions will populate, even if the other boxes are checked also. Again, I suspect this is a basic question, but I appreciate any help or advice! Thank you.

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Use selected(${field},'value') instead of ${field}='value'