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Unable to create new survey in Chrome

a month ago
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After issues with using the latest Survey123 Connect, I attempted to create a new survey using the online version of Survey123. I logged in and attempted to create a blank survey. After waiting a minute, I received an error message. 


I reloaded my browser and attempted it again, this time while watching the network traffic.


I'm using Chrome browser Version 124.0.6367.208 (Official Build) (64-bit) on a Windows 10 machine. Looks like the CORS settings need to be updated on the website.

--Ken Doman

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Have you tried adding the surveys site to your Portal's CORS?




This isn't a requirement for the service to work (at least in my config), but may be worth trying.

You can also try disabling CORS in Chrome (text from google). I'd definitely try Allow Origins first though.

To disable CORS checks in Google Chrome, you need to close the browser and start it with the --disable-web-security and --user-data-dir flags. By doing that, Google Chrome will not send CORS preflight requests and will not validate CORS headers. All of those commands above start Google Chrome in an isolated sandbox

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Also worth asking, but are you on Enterprise? And if "yes", what version and are all critical updates installed?

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