Two or more Survey123 sharing the same feature layer

04-17-2024 08:13 PM
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How join two survey123's with different subjects but with the same feature layer or feature service?

For example, I have an S123 that gather information about trees, like common name, family, species, diameter of trunk, height, location, etc.

Now I need to create an S123 to identify the owner of the land and some physical characteristics of the property, like legal status, public deed of the property, soil type, access to property, drawings, topography, etc.

The obvious solution is to create a long S123 with several questions on both topics but using multiple "relevant" options to display the desired questionnaire.  To me, this is an inefficient way to capture field data because the personnel that capture tree information will leave all property questions empty, the opposite is true.

Can I use for example, in a S123 settings tab the submission URL column on both S123 with the same address (if two S123 can be created this way)?  

Or there is another way to do this using ArcGIS Pro to create all parameters required, and then create several S123s depending on the subject?


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I personally create a survey that has ALL possible questions on it and publish it so that Survey123 can create the feature service for me. Then I create a second survey from the existing survey, delete all of the questions that are not needed and publish the survey. Then I go back to the original survey and delete any questions that are not needed for that specific survey audience and republish. 

Working with existing Feature Services in ArcGIS Survey123

- Jen
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I do this as well. Easiest method IMO.