The "Set rule" icon is not showing when I add a Single Choice, Dropdown, Likert, or Rating question

12-04-2023 10:20 PM
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In my Survey123 form,  there is no "Set rule" icon showing when I add a Single Choice, Dropdown, Likert, and Rating question.

Could someone please advise what I can do to make it appear. 

I have tried this from both Chrome and Edge. 

The screenshot below shows a Likert question in Design mode with only the Delete and Duplicate icons showing.



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Hello @KeithSalmon

With Survey123 version 3.19 the ability to set rules on all question types has been implemented which changed the location where you configure the rules on the question. 

Setting rules is now in the questions settings 



Please see this documentation for more information. 

Thank you,
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Hi Zachary - thanks very much. 

I tried to make a group visible but it didn't seem to allow this.  I assume I need to create a rule for each question. 

Is there a way in Survey123 web designer to make a question optional?

Many thanks Keith


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