Tablet refresh/page reloading survey 123 connect and experience builder

11-29-2023 11:51 AM
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I am fairly new to using survey 123 and EB and I was handed an Experience Builder with quite a few surveys connected/integrated. The surveys were designed in Survey 123 Connect.

The surveys were created for our operation staff to collect information on various stormwater infrastructure etc. So far the desktop applications all work and the data can be entered and viewed from a desk top.



However, the issue is occurring on the tablets in the field. We have a map that allows you to use the point select tool and select the asset in question and by doing so it brings up the point and information on that particular asset on the survey.

What is happing is when you zoom into the map the whole page on the tablet will refresh and reload to the original setting, thus preventing anyone from selecting the asset ID.

Has anyone experienced this before or have any advice how to proceed.


I do have a open ticket with Esri currently trying to work out the issue. Working together we have found the application works on an iPad Pro 12. 1 (or something like that).

Our staff currently have iPad 9th generations (and not likely to upgrade).


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