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syntax to use multiple join() functions in one calculation cell

4 weeks ago
New Contributor

I'm trying to use join multiple times in once calculation cell. using the code below applies a math formula to it. what syntax should i use?

join("\n", ${tree_number}, "|") + join("\n", ${dbh}) + join("\n", ${height}, '|')
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That's not how join() works. See Formulas.

join(separator, question)

Concatenates all answers to a given question in a repeat, separated by the given separator.

join(',', ${question_in_repeat})


You should have three separate calculates for those three joins. Then, use concat() to combine all of the joins and plain text. General example:

concat("\n", ${join_tree_num}, "|", "\n", ${join_dbh}, "\n", ${join_height}, "|")

Also, don't mix quotes. Use either single or double.



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