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Survey123 Watermark @[] Decimals

4 weeks ago
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I was wondering if we have found a way to control the decimal places for using @[] in our image watermarks. 

Currently, I have a watermark with the following calculation:

concat(${test3_name},"\n","@[date:MM/dd/yyyy]"," | ","@[time:HH:mm AP t]","\n","Lat @[latitude]"," , ","Lon @[longitude]","\n","Altitude @[altitude]," | ","Compass @[compass]","&size=20")

Issue: Altitude is displaying/showing 14 decimal places. (38.1234567890xxxx)

Question: How can I modify this to show 1 decimal place? (38.1)


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Here are the supported placeholders:





@[latitude longitude]

There's more formatting options directly within the watermark for dates.

If you want more granular control of the watermark, you can use a calculation question to generate the desired decimal output and then reference that in the watermark. Examples in the above blog.


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Hey Christopher,

I appreciate the reply.

I have done other work arounds such as using a geopoint to populate the lat, lon, alt fields; then those fields are inputted into the watermark. Attaching a photo of this specific work around. 


I have tried using the pulldata("@exif",${image},"GpsAltitude") function but my theory is that it pulls that exif data after creating a watermark on the photo. Result is the watermark is missing the information, but the altitude field still gets populated because of the pulldata calculation. It seems like it's just how the order of operations work in this situation?

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