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Survey123 for timber cruising, update online feature layer symbology as forms are completed

4 weeks ago
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I'm trying to emulate this video:

I've got the form set up with some help from members of this community (thank you so much), however I've run into some problems developing the connection between the feature layer containing plot locations, and the survey123 form created in xlsform. I'm having trouble finding the code in xlsform to change the symbology on the feature layer.

Is there a guide on how to do something similar? My current problem is shown below. I created the plot points and then opened them in the survey123 app where I made the form.



Screenshot 2024-06-21 094452.pngScreenshot 2024-06-21 094508.png

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Hello @WilliamSteinley

In your XLSForm the name of the Plot Form repeat is `Plot_form` please check your ArcGIS feature service you have set as the submission_url the name of the layer in your ArcGIS feature service will need to match what you have set as the name in your XLSForm. 

For example, if the name of the layer in your feature service is plot_form what is set in the XLSForm as the name of the repeat will need to be plot_form.

Thank you,
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