Survey123 field app on Android freezes when downloading an offline map

3 weeks ago
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Is anyone else seeing the ArcGIS Survey123 field app freeze during offline map downloading? I checked on this forum.

We’re seeing it happen consistently on Android, but never on iOS. The green download thermometer bar reaches around halfway, and then stops moving - even after waiting a further 10 minutes. We then have to kill the app to get out of this state.

On iOS, download completes OK within 30 seconds, so no problem there.

We have 2 users on Android and 2 on iOS. We are using the latest version of the field app (3.13), and download on fast broadband (30 - 200 Mbps).

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Hi @Adrian_S,

Did the same issue occur with 3.12 on Android, or is it new to 3.13?

How large is the offline map (mb size), and what type of package is it (tpk, mmpk, vtpk)?

Also, what is device make/model/OS version for the Android devices?

Are you able to share your XLSForm and the offline map package so we can do some further testing?



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