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Survey123 Conversion of HEIC iOS file not working on desktop

05-16-2024 10:03 AM
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I have a survey for the public in the latest Lead Identification project from the feds. A specific issue i am running into is with HEIC photos are not converting to jpeg's like they're supposed to only on desktops/Macs. When i try submitting a photo through any mobile device in HEIC format, it auto converts to a jpeg. But when i try to do the same thing on the same form on my windows or mac desktop the web form does not auto convert images to jpeg and i get the error 'The following file types are not supported: .heic'. Why does one sides conversion work and the other not? Any known workarounds? Just asking around before contacting support on this.

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I think this was posted recently so it does keep coming up.  For me I found that taking the photos in HEIC then uploading was stripping all the EXIF info including GPS.  So we had all of our tablet users change the settings in camera to "Most Compatible" and that seems to work better.  So I would retest that (it has been over a year since I tested) and consider changing the tablets if possible which should eliminate this issue.

I also wonder if changing to file type would work.

I do not .heic listed here

I am not sure if setting the extension does anything or image questions like file does.

You can limit the file types that can be submitted to a file question using the body::accept column. This column allows both file extensions (for example, .wav) and MIME types (for example, audio/*). Multiple file extensions or MIME types can be set by separating them with commas.

Hopes that helps a little

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