Survey123 Connect won't allow survey creation on certain computers

09-22-2023 10:13 AM
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I work for a local government and we've been having issues with certain computers not allowing Portal users to create any surveys in Survey123 Connect. The "create survey" button is greyed out completely. It is not a Portal permissions issue because the users can login on other machines and can also create surveys in the web designer. 

Esri tech support said it must be something wrong on our IT side, but we are all at a loss of what it could be. The machines that don't and do work are all at the same location on the same network. We tried running Fiddler on a machine that works and one that doesn't. On the one that doesn't, Fiddler won't let us capture anything and shows the error "Your proxy was changed multiple times by other apps" and won't allow us to reenable capturing.

Is anyone versed in both Survey123 AND proxies/firewalls/networking have any clue what could be happening? This is so frustrating for our team and preventing us from getting important surveys built when only half of the computers work. It seems there is no rhyme or reason for it. 

Thank you!

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Hello @ShelbyZelonisRoberson

For the folks who see the New survey button greyed out are they able to download the Advanced XLSForm template, rename the downloaded template to the name of the survey they would like to create, then drag and drop the XLSX file into the grey area?

If that errors our what is the error message? 

Thank you,
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Hey Zach - 

It let us add the Advanced Form template (renamed to "Test"), press Create Survey, but then it just spun and spun indefinitely on "Converting XLSForm" and never created anything. 



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