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Survey123 Connect refuses to honor feature service query in appearance

05-16-2024 08:11 AM
New Contributor II

I'm trying to query a feature service to populate an autocomplete dropdown question, based on the answer to a previous question. The answer to the previous question filters the results in the question, and that works just fine in the syntax below.

autocomplete search("DigSiteNumber?url=", "matches", "PipelineRouteID", ${systemsegment})

What doesn't work, however, is the query on the feature service that is provided in the REST call. I do not understand why Survey123 is refusing to honor the query, even though the syntax is correct (I've tested it against the feature service using the REST API and it works as expected). Does someone know why this might be occurring? I checked the documentation, and didn't see any help on this. Further, the documentation has a syntax error in the example provided- there should be a "/?" after the "0" and no "&". I am using Survey123 Connect version 3.14.274 on a Windows 11 machine.

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