Survey123 Connect @pulldata for javascript - missing JS components

12-06-2023 10:00 AM
Occasional Contributor

We're using a Survey123 Connect form to collect some data and I'm researching and using the @pulldata functions to attempt to give some sensible defaults based on information that people are entering. Some of that information is using web content through API pulls, similar to what's shown in the example survey called "Javascript".

What I'm noticing, as I use it more, is that it seems like some standard, core Javascript functionality is missing. Namely, some of the functions that would normally be defined and usable as part of the document or window are missing - functions like bota(), which is used to encode strings, and atob(), which is used to then decode those strings.

Are there alternatives for these types of functions? I haven't been able to determine which methods are there and which aren't or why some are there and others aren't. There doesn't seem to be any commonality to them.

Does anyone know of any workarounds to encode or decode strings within a Survey123 form? I feel like this also means that, without these, we can't really use web APIs unless they're 100% public and non-authenticated as even a basic Auth header needs to have the username/password encoded before sending.

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