Survey123 Connect: easier navigation for repeats?

03-29-2019 03:00 PM
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For Survey123 Connect, is it possible to move the navigation buttons for a repeat to the top of the repeat? 

We have a lot of data collected within a repeat and it's frustrating for users who need to edit any of this data to have to scroll through all of it before being able to move through records.

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Hi Alison,

It is not possible to use Survey123 Connect to control the navigation elements for a repeat, however, one option might be to set the appearance for the repeat to compact.  Are you using the Inbox for editing workflows?  I'd like to get a better sense of your workflow.



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Hi Brandon,

We are using the inbox, so the night crew might edit the day crew info.

I’ve updated the format to be a bit easier for people to navigate. I’ve grouped the majority of the elements so that data inside the repeat can be collapsed/compacted. And also added reference to some of the key data in this collapsed group in the group label so that the person knows which record it is. The field crew hasn’t tested it yet, but I’m hoping that it will meet their needs. Looks like:

Unless there is another way to shift the navigation arrows to the top (just below ‘Construction Activities’, I think this will have to do.

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