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Survey result shows differently for different users in organization in view mode in browser

06-07-2024 01:51 PM
Occasional Contributor

I have a survey created in Connect and published to AGO, and when I view the result of a survey record in a browser using a URL in the form:<Item ID>?mode=view&globalId=<GlobalID>, I see a different result than other users in my organization.  The issue is for yes/no questions - I see "Yes" and they see "No", or "Yes", but it is not consistent from user to user.  The survey and the underlying feature layer are shared with a group that these other users are members of, and the survey is set to share the results with members of that group.

Why would the answers to these questions show differently for different users for the same survey record?  We all see the same attribute value in the feature layer for this record.

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