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Survey 123 Report Template

06-13-2024 02:21 PM
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Hi All, 

I am Looking for some help and advice. I am working on this trail report for our parks department. A piece of information that they want would in which national forest is this trail in. Is there a way to use the map component in the survey to pull out that answer for this report?

Also, I want all the data associated with a certain crew to display in the table I have below. How can I have all the attributes for the table filled out from multiple survey results? For calculating totals is this a similar syntax to survey 123 connect for calculating sums for totals whatever the fields fill out?

Thank you, Megan

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Pull data from a map layer with pulldata("@layer"):

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As for filling out a table from multiple survey results... the simplest way is probably related surveys.

  1. Don't use the web designer (if you currently are)
  2. Use Connect.
  3. In Connect, complete and publish your "main" survey that contains all the questions you expect to use.
  4. Publish survey
  5. In Connect, click "+ New survey" > select "Feature services" (under "Organization -- If you don't see this option, then it needs to be enabled for you in S123's settings which are accessed from the surveys site. I'm happy to guide you there if needed) > locate your previously published survey and select it > click "Create survey"
  6. You now have a related survey. Everything submitted by this survey will end up in the main Feature Layer. Also, you can customize both this related survey and the originally published survey by deleting un-needed questions. That is because you can delete a question in Connect and it remains in a Feature Layer. If you want to add a new question (aka, one that doesn't currently exist in the Feature Layer) to a related survey though, you need to first add it to the "main survey" and publish (or, you could always manually add it to the Feature Layer, but that may not be as straightforward if you are new to this).
  7. Now that you have linked surveys, you need to ensure you add data properly. Using the Inbox and Editing surveys is the best. That way, survey #1 can add "A, B, and C" to a specific feature, while survey #2 can add "D, E, and F" to that same feature.

This is an ideal situation, but requires accounts for users, or for data to be exposed to the public. If you don't have accounts for all users, or this is confidential data, we will need to explore other options.

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