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Survery123 Connect not publishing Survey

2 weeks ago
New Contributor


A survey was created using 123connect a couple months back, I needed to add additional fields into the survey, updated those fields using Survery123 connect and those new fields were added into the online feature layer as well. I did not run into any errors when clicking the publish button, but it has been stuck on this window for far too long now. Would anyone be able suggest an alternative? Or know why it is taking so long? 



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What version of Connect are you using?

Also, sometimes publishing gets stuck. I just cancel the publish attempt (pres Esc) and then try again. If it gets stuck a second time, I close Connect and try again. A restart of Connect usually fixes any outstanding issues, but if that still doesn't work, I create a new blank survey and publish that just to see if there is a larger issue going on (only had to do this a couple of times).

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