Some Fields in Survey123 excluded in output attribute table

09-25-2023 06:49 AM
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I created a survey123 with a good number of questions. Roughly 90% of the questions in the survey worked fine. However, there were a few questions that users answered, but that did not translate over to my survey results in survey 123. I can see that they answered the questions because I can see statistics on the results for the questions, but I am not able to see what the results were for each user (as you normally can in the attribute table) for these questions in particular. The column for these questions does not even exist in the attribute table.

Attached are photos of two questions in the same question group. Both got answered, but only one of them translated to the attribute table (You can see geolocation also did not get translated over). Also attached is the attribute table in the 'data' tab that shows those questions not existing. For reference, it was the first three questions in this question group that are causing this problem. No other questions in this survey are behaving like this.

I am wondering if this issue has anything to do with how these questions were published?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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Are the questions being hidden based on answers to other questions, such as by using the relevant column? Depending on how the question is hidden will alter whether or not data is submitted to that field in the table.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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I figured out that the reason that the questions did not write was because the name in the schema was the same as another question. For some reason ESRI set them as the same by default and then did not publish them. ESRI should definitely be giving a warning if schema name's match! Very frustrating. Thank you for your response, it was helpful in determining the root cause. 


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