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09-22-2023 11:55 AM
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I'm creating multiple surveys to inspect different asset types that will contain completely different questions (poles vs transformers for example). In each survey, I want to include a repeat for the user to log follow-up work that needs to be completed after the inspection (site restoration, labeling, etc.). There can be multiple follow-ups for the same inspection. I was hoping to have this repeat tied to the same feature layer in each survey so our administrator only has to look through a single feature layer for outstanding work. Is it possible to accomplish this or will I have to have separate "follow-up" feature layers for each survey then combine them in a map or application after the fact?

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There is no reason you can't do this. It may be a little messy if half of the fields are irrelevant for each given form though.

Just pick your parent (either poles or transformers, doesn't matter), give it all the fields for both the poles and transformers surveys, publish, then either delete or hide the unneeded fields in the parent. Next, create your other survey from the preexisting feature in Connect, delete out everything you don't need.

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I would look into Data Expressions in a Dashboard.  There are several blog articles on this.

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