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2 weeks ago
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Hi all, I'm confused how to properly use the "select_multiple" option in S123. I have a select multiple survey question:

QAQC Sample Type.PNG


I want any answers that are checked by the user to be displayed in the survey report. I'm confused what the correct syntax is for displaying answers to select multiple questions. The answer name for my survey question is "qaqc_sample_type". I have tried many different things including the following:

- ${select_multiple qaqc_sample_type}

- ${select_multiple qaqc_sample_type | appearance: "bullets"}

- ${if(qaqc_sample_type | getValue:"count")>=1} ${/}


I keep receiving either an invalid or parsing error no matter what I try. Any help would be appreciated thanks!

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For a Feature Report, try the following...

Display the select_multiple as a comma separated list:

Display the select_multiple as a bullet list:
${qaqc_sample_type | appearance:"bullets"}

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