Search appearance bug when editing existing record in web form

04-12-2024 07:13 AM
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I was hoping someone could assist as I think I have stumbled across a bug with the search appearance when using url parameters in the web form. When attempting to edit an existing record in my survey, if I simply want to edit the record everything works fine.

So  allows me to edit the record and the select_one with the search appearance (the Project Number question) works as expected, see below.


If however, I want to update a field in my survey using the &field: url parameter I find that the select one with the search appearance will not pull through the existing data.

So the url where I want to update the Example select_one question to "no" causes the Project Number question to fail to pull through the existing record, see image below. To be clear this happens whenever I use the field parameter to try and update any other field.


I've tried this with two surveys now and get the same result. I also searched online for this but couldn't see that anyone else had highlighted this problem. If someone could assist with this it would be much appreciated.



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