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Report template with map question

a month ago
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we created a Survey123 to do sidewalk inspections (1 inspection - M panels). We also created a custom report to show the defects. Everything is working great except I can't get the map to show all the panels for one inspection.  My questions are:

1) How to I get the map to zoom on the entire parcel (red line)

2) How to get the map NOT showing inspection/panels from an adjacent inspection (blue circle)

I looked at the where statement for the map question but I don't think it's applicable here. 

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!




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I am pretty sure the answer is less than ideal in both cases.

The geopoint question only prints to a fixed scale which you can define in the Report Template. That means properties significantly larger or smaller than that scale will either extend off-screen (like you have), or be very small.

And regarding other properties, you will (I'm pretty sure) always get a snapshot of the map as-is. You can always specify a different basemap to use, and then have the user trace the boundary... but that isn't really a solution since you want those legal boundaries.

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