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Repeat not working correctly

3 weeks ago
New Contributor

Just received the following error on survey which uses a series of repeats and related tables. I'm inheriting this survey along with a number of other, could use some advice as to what might be the underlying issue? I waiting to get access form, but I assume based on experience it maybe a simple fix.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated, as I haven't run into an issue like this before



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This looks like my trick to check for dups.  This did break recently.  See this post for how to fix.

I would also get rid of any commas in that list.

Hope that works.

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I just got access to the form late yesterday. It is a duplicate checker, the original author used JavaScript using the @pulldata function in a hidden text field  to check for duplicate. I looked at your repeat duplicate preventer, I think that might work. Just in case it won't, I've attached the XLS form, if you have chance to take a look at the Form itself. Which I updated from an outdated form Version to the latest version

Rural Hill Survey.PNG

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