recently published survey 123 forms not showing in phone app

02-20-2024 09:43 PM
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We used to always see the recently published Survey 123 forms in the Survey 123 phone app.

However, in the past few days, if we create a new form or re-publish one after having made change, the form is not showing up for download on the phone app. 

We can see and use the form when we open it in a web-browser or the PC app but not on the phone app (same issue for both Iphone and Androids).

Has anyone had that issue before - we haven't changed any of the collaboration settings?

Is it an issue with a recent update/release of the app?




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If you make large changes, the sharing permissions get reset. Have you checked those yet?

EDIT: By "large changes", I mean anything that results in this dialogue appearing:


Also, even if the sharing permissions look proper, just hit save again. Sometimes it helps.

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