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Receive email notifications when their application status has been updated

4 weeks ago
New Contributor II

Hi Community and @IsmaelChivite 

The workflow is for new electric service application.

Below are the master form and sub-forms:

1. Electric Service Application Master form

2. Electric Service Application Form (to be filled out by the customer who applying for a new electric meter)

3. Electric Service Application Review Form (to be filled out by reviewer if the application is ready for installation)

I created an automated workflow using, and it worked when the application was submitted (using Electric Service Application Form), I received an email.


But when I edited the application status (from Pending Review to Approved) using Electric Service Application Review Form there's no email received.

The scenarios in are same configuration, the only difference between the two are the used form.


Is there a way for the customer to receive email notifications when their application status has been updated?

Thank you.

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hello @mgrieta

In the Survey123 website under the settings for the Electric Service Application Review Form select Webhooks then edit the webhook that is attached to that form. Under Trigger events ensure that "Existing record edited" is enabled. 



Thank you,
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New Contributor II

Hi @ZacharySutherby 

Thank you for your response. I removed the filter from the New Application Flow (Electric Service Application Form), and it worked in Integromat environment—I received an email confirming the approved status when I submitted the Electric Service Application Review Form. (Review Application Flow) without configuring in Webhooks Settings.

I am encountering the same issue in Power Automate as described above (my first concern). 😭

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