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Problems logging in to Survey123, email verification on ArcGIS online, renewal of account and more...

a week ago
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Hi all,

I had been collecting data for my Honours project in the past 3 weeks and last week came into a problem. I couldn't log in to the Survey123 app. I kept collecting data offline and finished the data collection process. Now I want to load the data and still can't log in to Survey123 (both on my mobile phone and through the website on my computer). I get the message shown on the first picture below.

Ok, fine. I went to login to my account through ArcGIS online, the page loaded normally and I got this pop-up message:

"The number of user types assigned to members in your organization exceeds the number of user types available. You must assign an available, compatible user type to all members. Go to the User Types Section of the Licenses tab to see which user type is in the negative, then manage your members accordingly."

I also noticed that the renewal date of my account is overdue and that my email is not verified (as per the second picture below). I tried to solve these two issues in the hope of this being the source of the problem but didn't receive the pop-up message for the email verification code nor have a button to click to Verify Email on My Settings. I also couldn't find anything that would allow me to Renew my account...

So lots issues and very little time to do my data analysis for my Honours project. Please HELP ASAP.

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Captura de ecrã 2024-07-10 154335.png

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You may wish to reach out to Esri Tech support directly to help with these account issues.

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