Multiline image question custom file name only being applied to first photo

10-07-2022 05:59 AM
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I created a multiline annotate question with a custom file name expression in bind::esri::parameters:

fileName=concat(${facilityid},"_", format-date(${inspdate}, "%Y%m%d%H%M%S"),"_",position(..))

using the unique asset ID, an inspection date question, and to make sure it's a unique name, the number of the image in the multiline question.

When I test the form, the first photo I take gets named correctly, like:


but then any additional photos revert to the default naming, like:


I found another post that says "position" only works with repeats, not multiline, but then shouldn't it throw an error instead of working for the first photo?


Survey Connect 3.15.178, tested on iPad and Android phone apps.

Survey in Enterprise 10.9.1 using a feature service referencing a SQL Server geodatabase


Thanks for any suggestions


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Were you able to get a resolution to this? I am running into the same problem, only the first image gets  named as per the calculation. All the subsequent images revert back to the default. 

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Any news for when does this function will be available for multiline image? I'm having the same issue. The "filename=" expression in bind::esri::parameters only pass the first instance of the name and then return to the default value after the first image. (Connect 3.16 106)



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I just submitted a case to Support, I'll post the result here.

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Also interested in this as all of our photo submissions have more than one file. Even just tacking a 1, 2, or 3 at the end of each subsequent file would work.

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