Lost Survey, Red number for outbox?

04-17-2024 02:41 PM
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Hello Esri community!

I'm looking for a lost survey. 
This survey hasn't been submitted & isn't available on the ArcGIS Online site. 

My Survey has a little "2" on the menu page, which makes me think it may be "stuck" somewhere?
My survey has no draft box and no outbox. 

Does anyone know what the "2" means in this instance, and will it lead me to the lost survey?




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That red circle does indicate an error. A "Send Error" specifically. The "2" indicates you have two surveys that did not send.

Click on that "2" to see the surveys with the Send Error. You can click on one to see a more detailed windows with the error message. You will of course need to resolve the error before they will send.

The exact steps to resolve the issue depend on what the error messages says.