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Hiding report maps with empty geometry in Survey123 report template

06-12-2024 12:00 PM
New Contributor III

I am getting the following error when I try to generate reports for a survey that has points, lines, and areas.  

"An error occurred when rendering by the report engine. Failed to print map for ${line_location}. Waiting failed: 180000ms exceeded"

This error occurs for records where the survey user has opened the map, but not collected a line or area in the Survey123 field app.

Is there a way to hide a map in a Survey123 report template when the feature geometry is empty?

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MVP Regular Contributor

You could nest the geopoint inside an IF statement E.g.,: ${if question_name == "yes"}${question_name2}${/}. That would technically hide it based on a specific condition... but that may not fix your issue.

Is the geopoint question actually optional? If not, is it required=yes?

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