Generate Report: Troubleshooting “An error occurred while generating reports” Error

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None of the existing geonet posts searching on "An error occurred while generating reports" seem to address the issue I am experiencing.

I have a Survey123 that is long and moderately complex: 400+ line items, a handful of calculations and a handful of relevant calculations. Sorry, I can’t share the template, as it is proprietary.

In, I select the survey, select the “Data”, generate a sample template (successful), then generate a sample report




At the end of the process I get an error :



 with no other information.


When I attempt to Generate a report



. After attempting to generate the report I get the  



 error with no other information.

When I click on the “Show details” link I see this:



Clicking “More details” shows this:



If I remove all fields from the report template, it successfully creates the report.

If I leave just one field in the report template, it fails to successfully create the report with the error:





  • How do I troubleshoot this, especially for such a long survey?
  • Any idea what’s causing this issue and how to resolve it?


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Hi @DirkVandervoort ,

If you haven't yet, it would be helpful to open an Esri Support ticket; Esri Support can help you troubleshoot the issue. 

- Sharing the form's XLSX and report DOCX would be helpful in attempting to replicate the issue.

- Is the error appearing for any feature, or one specific feature?

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