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Filter by domain values in Survey123 website not working

06-10-2024 11:28 AM
Occasional Contributor III

Hello. I am working in the Data tab on the Survey123 website. I'd like to filter my survey results based on several lookup values, for example, 'Company Name'. When I click the drop-down list that is supposed to show all the values from the domain associated with 'Company name', there are no values shown. And, the 'Apply' button is deactivated. I can manually enter a text value, but the 'Apply' is not enabled. 

You can see this behavior in the screen cap below. There is a coded value domain associated with 'Company name' and the domain has values. Unfortunately no values appear in the drop down list for the company name filter.  This behavior applies to all survey questions that have a domain associated with them.

Is this a bug, or the expected behavior?





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