Error code 500: Creating Feature Class Failed when publishing to Portal

07-28-2017 01:50 PM
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I am getting an error code 500 when attempting to publish a survey to our ArcGIS portal;  I get the message:

ERROR: Creating feature class failed.

I'm using the Survey123 Connect version 2.3.24 and can upload to an ArcGIS online account just fine.

I removed cascading selects (according to other posts I've seen) but am still unable to publish to our portal. I've attached the form that I'm attempting to publish below

I do have several questions that I don't want to appear unless a box is checked;  please review and let me know what you may be able to find.

Thank you!

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Hi Mark,

The issue is a limitation on the size of the table supported on Portal - you can have a maximum of 500 columns (or a little less than that, once you account for system columns) - see Troubleshoot—Survey123 for ArcGIS | ArcGIS .  As a workaround, you can 'extend' a survey over multiple tables by having some of the questions appear in a repeat that has a repeat_count of 1.

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James, does this mean that on each repeat table I can have a little less than 500 columns as well? As to the repeat_count I have four,  I assume that's okay since its just a row on the repeat table. 

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Hi Rentao,

That is correct - the limit applies to each table.  If you had 1200 questions, they would need to spread out over 3 tables.  The repeat count setting is to just make the form look seamless (no additional add/remove buttons)- if you have a need for some of the questions to be actual repeats, by all means do so.

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