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Deleting survey123 records from the app

06-12-2024 07:26 AM
New Contributor

Is it possible to delete survey records from the mobile Survey123 app. I know they can be deleted on web, but I don't see the option to delete in app. Nor do I see the option to enable deleting records in Survey123 Connect. If not, why would this not be an option!? Thank you.

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I too would like an option for sent records to be automatically removed from the app device.

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MVP Regular Contributor

Do you mean remove the entry from the device? You can do that from the field app. Go to the Sent folder > Click on the ellipses (...) > click the Trash Can icon.

Do you mean delete the record from the Feature Layer? That isn't supported from the app. You need to go to the Feature Layer directly for that.... You can also probably set up an automation to have Power Automate delete the record from the Feature Layer, but without using the Inbox, you still need to manually delete the entry from the device.

If you are using the Inbox, it syncs with the Feature Layer. Again, go to the Feature Layer (or use an automation) to delete.

As for the reason behind this choice... ask Esri? I can only guess, but if I did, I'd say either technology limitations or security?

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