Date is appearing in another format

02-21-2024 09:53 AM
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I need to concatenate some information to provide how to name a file according to the information provided by filling out the form. In there I call the date, but is appearing into another format, by example, if the user selects 02/21/2024, then the displayed answer is 1708534800000. 

These area the properties for the fields:

Type: date

Name: fechadocumento

Also the field to show the name for the file has these properties: 

Type: text

calculation: concat(${fechadocumento}, '-', ${barcode})

¿How could I set up the form to display the date as MMDDYYY or DDMMYYYY?




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That is normal. S123 collects dates in UNIX time. They are displayed in the app and Feature Reports as "normal time" though. You can use calculates to convert dates from UNIX to a more human format

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