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Data corruption possibility when raising file upload size limit?

3 weeks ago
New Contributor


I have a large survey that was created when the file size limit for the file upload question type was 100MB. Now that there is as 500 MB option, I want to go back and raise the size limit to the max, and I'm just triple checking to make sure doing so won't cause me to possibly lose or corrupt data that has already been uploaded to the survey when I republish. 


I've done my own small scale testing, creating a new survey, submitting data and changing the size limit and haven't observed anything problematic or losing any data, but the data are extremely important and wanted to make sure nobody in the community had any bad experience. Thanks!

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I don't see this being an issue.

But if it's critical info, have you backed it up yet? (EDIT: Just make sure you have a FGDB backup, as this option should include attachments).

EDIT2: Found what I was looking for: Survey123 Tricks of the Trade: Download survey data (with attachments)