Custom Feature Service is not compatible - related tables in Connect

02-28-2024 06:46 AM
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Hello All!

I am hoping someone might have an answer to this question. I just created a survey from an existing feature service in AGOL. For the survey I made in Connect, I have a repeat set for inspection forms (similar to the functionality of the ESRI Hydrant Inspections template)

My survey looks like this: the orange fields are coming from the feature service. anything below that is in a repeat and should go to a related table.


I wanted to publish and test functionality, but I got an error that the inspection table (related table) is not found. 


If I understand correctly, the repeat functionality should automatically make a related table for that feature class. Is there something wrong with my settings in the Excel sheet that is barring me from publishing?


Once I publish, I plan to tie surveys to the existing feature using Global ID's, accessed through field maps.


Thanks in advance for any help!

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Survey123 Connect will only create a related table for a repeat if it is creating the feature service from scratch.  Since you're using an existing feature service Connect won't create new tables/layers. The related table needs to be part of the existing feature service since what Connect is doing is looking for an existing related table named "Inspection." 

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The name column on the begin repeat line must match the service Table name exactly.  Case and all.  That is how it find them.  My guess is it is not called Inspection in the REST endpoint.

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To add on to Doug's comment, there can't be any spaces in the table's name either since the xlsx won't allow spaces in the name column.  

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