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Creation of Swimming Pool Management

06-11-2024 07:24 PM
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Is it possible to create a Survey123 template for pool maintenance technicians. It'll have the location information, but also the water chemistry conversion in the configuration, pool capacity, pool shapes, the filtration types, before and after test results, and if the results were within the tolerance margin? 

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Hi @AMarloweDurousseau 

I moved your post into the Survey123 Questions forum instead of the Ideas as Ideas are more for improvements to the Survey123 product itself.

As to your question, yes this is definitely a possibility! I would recommend working with the Survey123 Connect designer to get all these pieces together.

If you have an existing layer of data with the pools they would be maintaining you could set up Survey123 to work against that layer, or if you want new submissions for each time they visit a pool you can just create a new survey (and you could use a pulldata expression to grab information from a source layer or file).

You can add calculations to questions on the form and have them use input values from other questions, and have multiple choice questions with the options for pool shapes/filtration types set up to pick from.

Repeats could be used to track the data on a specific pool over time, using the Inbox to return to the existing records.