Creating relationship class with Survey123 submissions and a hosted feature layer?

02-28-2024 12:19 PM
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I would like to create a relationship between Trap Locations and Trap Records (which will be Survey123 submissions). Currently, I have created a relationship class between the feature layer and table via a "Trap_Code" field in Pro. I am now wondering if the relationship must be built on GLOBALIDs?

I have also seen in many places how this relationship is generally used linking Survey 123 and Field maps (in the past collector) by linking the Survey within the Field map form for that specific feature.

What I am wondering is if the field map side can be removed and based on the survey 123 form where the field app worker enters the "Trap_Code", that populates the related table of the Trap geolocation it underlines?

Thanks in advance.


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Yes you have the keep the original parentglobalid that 123 uses in its internal code.  But you can add a second relate and mange that yourself by using a calculate to bring the key from the parent into the child.  I got a big write up here in this as I use it a ton.

Hope that helps

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