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10-08-2017 01:30 PM
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So I still do not know why I ended up with 4 feature services in one survey.  I have just deleted everything and republished but I do want to share my results via collaborate.  Can someone answer 2 questions?

1. What is the difference between sharing the feature services to my group on AGO vs using the Submit Collaboration in S123 site to select who has access?  I always simply share the feature service in AGO to my users and never have an issue.  Seems the duplicated feature services occurred when I tried to share via S123 which now that I think about it I had a 4 users and 4 feature services?

2. When I do Collaborate under Analyze and share to a group another feature service gets create with _Shareholder.  That gives me 2 feature services, what is each and which stores my real data?

I want to understand these before we start getting data and things become a pain to adjust if needed

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Hi Ron

I would recommend that you do all sharing from the collaborate tab - as this ensures that permissions are correct for Survey123 and behaviour is stable.

The survey123 website does not create different feature services, it creates different views i.e. fieldworker and stakeholder. These views enable you to apply different permissions to the feature service - for example the stakeholder view is used to provide access the analyze page and has readonly permissions. This means you can publicly share the analyze page without having to make the underlying feature service public.

Please see the following resource on views: Getting started with hosted feature layer views | ArcGIS Blog and let me know if you have any further questions.



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Thanks, been busy with project work and didn't see that update to AGO.  Good info

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